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Cancelled and Missed Appointment Policy

A policy has been secured for patients who make appointments but fail to show up or decline to give adequate notice of cancellation. Missed or cancelled appointments without proper notice cause delays for the dental clinic.

A patient is only allowed two (2) missed appointments per six-month period. The missed appointment will be noted in the patient’s chart. 


An appointment is considered missed if:

  1. The patient fails to show up for the appointment; or

  2. The patient is more than 10 minutes late for a scheduled appointment without a phone call made to the dental clinic; or

  3. The patient calls to cancel an appointment without giving a 24-hour notice.

If a patient accumulates two missed or cancelled appointments without proper notice in a six-month period, the patient will not be allowed to reschedule any further routine appointments for the next six months. The patient will be limited to emergency care on a space available basis during the six month period. 

Family Member(s) in Dental Treatment Room Policy

In order to provide the highest quality of care, safety and efficiently to our dental patients, all family members and friends are required to remain in the waiting area while dental treatment services are being rendered. This policy will help La Casa Family Health Center to ensure safety, infection control and patient confidentiality. 


Experts in the field of pediatric dentistry universally agree that children are much more cooperative and attentive when parents are not present during dental treatment. In the event you presence is required in the dental operatory, you will be asked to join. With an especially resistant or frightened child, referral to a specialist might be necessary.

Refusal to adhere to these policies could result in rescheduling until the parent feels that their child can handle routine dental care on their own.


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