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At La Casa Family Health Center, we strive to provide comprehensive services and quality care to create a primary care medical home for all your health needs. Primary care medical home is a system that allows you to have a personalized care team that works together to provide all your healthcare needs. A team may include your primary care provider, specialized doctors, nurses, health educators and other health professionals.

You as the patient are the most important part of a primary care medical home

What are the benefits?

In a primary care medical home, we:

  • Are available when you need us. You can communicate with us easily and efficiently and get appointments quickly.
  • Will know your health history. Learn about your personal or family and situation and suggest treatment options that are best suited for your healthcare needs.
  • Help you understand your conditions(s) and how to take care of yourself. We explain options and help you make decisions about your care
  • Provide information about classes, support groups, or other services that can help you learn more about your condition, schedule appointments and make sure specialists have the information they need to care for you.

Affordable Care and Enrollment - If you are uninsured we have a team of outreach specialist who can assist in navigating through the Affordable Care Act insurance enrollment process to healthcare insurance.

All services at La Casa Family Health Center are offered on a sliding fee scale that allows you to be charged for services based on your family size, and income.    

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