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Main Clinic: 575-356-6695
ENMU Health Services: 575-562-2321

Clinic: 575-769-0888
School Based Health Center (Marshall Middle School) -575-762-0360

South Clinic: 575-623-3255
Los Ninos Pediatrics: 575-622-5965
ENMU Dental: 575-624-7207
ENMU Medical: 575-624-7106
Behavioral Health: 575-755-2272
Roswell School Based Health Center: 575-627-2808

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To make an appointment, please contact one of our convenient locations...

Portales: (575) 356-6695
ENMU: (575) 562-2321
Clovis: (575) 769-0888
Roswell: (575) 623-3255
Roswell Pediatrics: (575) 622-5956
ENMU Roswell: (575) 624-7106
Roswell Behavioral: (575) 755-2272